Fire Retardant Pedal Bins - 3 Sizes Available

Fire Retardant Pedal Bins - 3 Sizes Available

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Fire Retardant Pedal Bin Range

These handsfree pedal bins range are a robust range of certified fire retardant bins available in a variety of colours including red, green, yellow, blue, white, black & custom colours. The pedal operation ensures handsfree use, the unit is available in large, medium or small sizes & the range uses industry standard bag sizes.

Pedal Bin Specifications

  • Manufactured in Powdercoated Steel
  • Available in all standard colours
  • Certified Fire Retardant
  • Handsfree Pedal Operation
  • Silent Closing option available
  • Mobile option castors available
  • Available in Stainless Steel

Dimensions, Capacity & Bag Sizes

Height: 845mm
Width: 490mm
Depth: 325mm
Volume: 90 Litres
Bag Size: 26" X 44"

Height: 705mm
Width: 330mm
Depth: 245mm
Volume: 50 Litres
Bag Size: 20" X 37"

Height: 560mm
Width: 270mm
Depth: 300mm
Volume: 20 Litres
Bag Size: 15" X 24"